Unification Cultural Programs

As of 2016, over 30,000 North Korean migrants have made their way to South Korea. While resettlement assistance programs continue to operate steadily, North Korean migrants have yet to be fully accepted in society. Our unification cultural programs aim to help migrants and other citizens meet with each other in order to develop mutual empathy and understanding. We hope to create and expand a space for North and South to work together, building off of their shared language and culture.

  1. Two Koreas
    “North Korea and North Korean Refugees” is an annual series of lecture events. The events are open to the public, and local citizens are encouraged to participate in a diverse set of experiences that includes lectures, cooking, and a variety of recreational activities.
  2. Empathy Unification Camp
    The Empathy unification Camp is a 2-day excursion consisting of games, lectures, and free discussion, through which participants share their thoughts and experiences relating to Korean unification.
  3. Unification Open Cultural Event
    During education programs in May and cultural exchange programs in October, we host a diverse range of events related to unification. Such events include unification exhibitions, the Tong-Tong film festival, and the ‘Talk Unification’ concert.
  4. North-South Youth Project
    “North-South Korean Youth Talk Human Rights,” Book publication meeting [Todak Todak] ‘Beyond the Mold’ photo project presentation, ‘Nodak Nodak’ Book Club

Two Koreas


Empathy unification educational event


Empathy Unification Camp


Unification Talk Concert


Tong Tong Theatre film festival

“North-South Korean Youth Talk Human Rights,” Book publication meeting


‘Beyond the Mold’ Photo Project