Daegu Hana Center

Ministry of Unification and Daegu Metropolitan City-designated North Korean Migrant Local Adaptation Center (Daegu Hana Center)

The 23 Hana Center locations across the country provide local information and resources to North Korean migrants adapting to particular regions in order to help them develop and pursue their goals in a self-sustainable manner. While serving as hubs of policy implementation, the regional Hana Center locations complement the basic educational programs of the main Hanawon center with support for local adaptation and customized resettlement assistance by region.

Daegu Hana Center, affiliated with Empathy for a Better World, was designated as a North Korean Migrant Local Adaptation Center in March 2009 by the Ministry of Unification and Daegu Metropolitan City. The center assists North Korean migrants transferring to the Daegu Gyeongsan region with local comprehensive education programs, provides migrants who choose to live in the Daegu Gyeongsan region with information about the area, and offers various means of support to help migrants adapt to their new location.

Local Comprehensive Education Programs

We aim to help North Korean migrants who have completed the educational programs at Hanawon and have just transferred for resettlement to smoothly adapt to local society.

Local Adaptation Assistance

We work to ensure that recently transferred North Korean migrants can adapt successfully to the region.

  • Academic support and college admissions assistance: Schooling case management, personal study guidance, transfer-related support, after-school entrance examination academy, connections and support
  • Interview and employment assistance: Employment counseling, interview training, vocational training and counseling, local company visits and assistance
  • Financial counseling: Financial aid and salary guidance, assistance from local sponsor individuals and groups
  • Medical assistance: Understanding medical treatment procedures, connections with hospitals and free medical treatment, health check-ups, and introduction to medical support opportunities for North Korean migrants
  • Psychological assistance: Psychological and mental health-related assistance, sexual abuse crime preventive education, psychological consultation, mental illness treatment assistance
  • Legal assistance: Connection to free legal counseling agencies such as the Legal Aid Corporation
  • Other services: Additional after-support given beyond other programs as needs arise

Local Resident Mutual Recognition

  • Programs to improve understanding between migrants and resident South Koreans and promote social unification
  • sports competitions, organizing volunteers, Chuseok events, New Year’s Eve events

local comprehensive education program

Local organization visits

North-South unification sports competition


Chuseok holiday event