Health Assistance

North Korean migrants undergo traumatic experiences within North Korea, during their escape, and through their often long stays in third countries, carrying with them a history of such experiences. Even after resettling in South Korea, adapting migrants continue to encounter difficult situations concerning differences in culture, hostility and stress, problems of identity, economic independence, and loneliness. Daegu Hana Center provides North Korean migrants in the Daegu and Gyeongsan region with comprehensive physical and mental health assistance through connection with professional organizations.

  1. Physical health support services
    – health check-ups for new transfers through Daegu medical centers and professional medical organizations
    – critical medical treatment connection service
    – Ministry of Unification and Korea Hana Foundation medical treatment connection service
    – inpatient visit consultation
  1. Mental health support services
    – mental health and psychological recovery program operation
    – Korea Hana Foundation special counseling dispatch service, regular counseling room operation
    – connections with local mental health organizations
    – international seminars on mental health

‘Bling Bling’ group counseling

meditative healing program

special psychological counseling

workshop on mental health