Social Services for North Korean Migrants

  • Resettlement Integration: We are cheering on your first steps
    Ministry of Unification and Daegu Metropolitan City designated North Korean Migrant Local Adaptation Center
    Case Management for North Korean migrants
  • Health Assistance: We heal with both empathy and support
    Treatment at connected local medical centers
    Mental health, psychological recovery program
  • Employment Assistance: we aim to find employment that contributes to stable resettlement and support
    Job search agency visits and exploration
    Occupational training, accompaniment on job interviews and job assistance.
    Employee business meeting and network development assistance
  • Education assistance: We help to strengthen the foundation for a brighter future
    Home visit tutoring
    Cafe Empathy, continuing education center, 1:1 English mentoring

Domestic and International Social Unification Program:

  • Bridging International Communities: The domestic and international community researching and working together
    Refugee resettlement and trauma-related seminar workshop
    North Korean migrant resettlement foreign case study sharing
  • Unification Cultural Program: Addressing social integration beyond political unification
    Broadening understanding of North Korea through the assistance and experience of North Korean migrants.
    Spreading sympathy for reunification